Addressing Homelessness & Expanding Access to Affordable Housing

The 2nd District is home to the highest number of unhoused neighbors across the County.

My priority is to have the 2nd District and the County overall on a path to long-term solutions while we implement current programs to provide housing and the wrap around services for people to get AND keep their housing.​

Getting to
Functional Zero

What is functional zero? This is a realistic and attainable goal to strengthen our system for when anyone experiences homelessness the safety net captures them, connects them to appropriate temporary housing and then permanent housing.

An example of functional zero, currently the County daily provides 207 people housing while the same day 227 fall into homelessness.

Now imagine a time when those 227 people that fall into homelessness get housed immediately with appropriate connection to services and support. That is reaching functional zero.

How do we get to functional zero?

We Build.

For every 1 shelter bed we build, we need to build 5 permanent housing units.

This is where we need every neighborhood and neighbor in the county to be supportive of increasing our capacity for new and diverse housing which includes room and board, behavioral health centers, permanent supportive housing, ownership opportunities.

We need your support for the entire spectrum of housing across the entire county and all of our cities.

We Connect.

Our neighbors become unhoused at a higher rate than what we can house from 3 main sources of inflow.

Youth aging out of foster care.

Neighbors existing in the justice system.

People exiting medical facilities.

Everyone needs to be connected to housing before they exit these systems.

We Care.

Today actually, we are seeing a 4th new source of inflow—the fastest growing homeless population—our older adults over age of 55.

This is largely due to lack of affordable housing at the income levels of our seniors. We are all aging, how we treat our Seniors now will be how we get treated as we age.

The systems need to be corrected now in order to strengthen for our future.

We Fund.

I am working on behalf of our constituents to stop the inflow by funding programs that will provide the housing and support services in order to have somewhere to connect people to.

I am leading on implementing the County’s anti-racism agenda by putting our money where our values are aligning funding to our unfinished communities.


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Team Mitchell

Isela Gracian

Senior Deputy,
Homelessness & Housing

Lily Sofiani

Assistant Deputy,

Francisco Lopez

Staff Assistant,
Homelessness & Workforce Development