Los Angeles County Commissions

There are numerous commissions, committees, task forces, and special district agency boards that support the Board of Supervisors in serving the residents of LA County.
Apply to Serve as Second District Commissioner
Below is a list of vacant commissioner positions for the Second Supervisorial District.  To apply to serve on the commissions below, submit your resume and letter of interest to

Featured Vacant Second District Commissioner Positions

Assessment Appeals Board

4 vacancies

The Assessment Appeals Board hears appeals filed by property owners who are seeking reduction in the County Assessor’s valuation of their property. Board Members must have a minimum of five years’ professional experience in the State of California as either a certified public accountant or public accountant, licensed real estate broker, attorney, or property appraiser accredited by a nationally recognized professional organization. 

Los Angeles County Probation Oversight Commission

1 vacancy

The Probation Oversight Commission is a civilian oversight body that advises the Probation Department and the Board of Supervisors. The Commission monitors the Probation Department’s progress on systemic reform and serves as a liaison between the Board of Supervisors, Probation Department and members of the community. 

Vacant Second District Commissioner Positions

Current Second District Commissioners

  1. Affordable Housing Coordinating Committee - Eric Ares (no exp)
  2. Alternatives to Incarceration Working Group - Herbert K. Hatanaka and Karren A. Lane
  3. Assessment Appeals Board - Sandra J. Anderson (exp. 9/2022), Mona Evans-Graham (exp. 8/2025), James C. Kim (Alternate, exp. 9/2019), Troy Peters (exp. 9/2023), Detra Jones (exp. 9/2023), Sherron A. Rouzan (exp. 9/2023), Carole Gillie (exp. 9/2023), Debora M. Bright-Laney (exp. 9/2023) and Eulanda Matthews (exp. 9/2023)
  4. Aviation Commission - Dennis C. Lord (exp. 11/2023) and Clinton Simmons (exp. 11/2022)
  5. Baldwin Hills Regional Conservation Authority - William Vanderberg
  6. Blue Ribbon Committee on Homelessness - LaCheryl Porter
  7. Board of Governors, Department of Museum of Natural History - Rita  Kampalath (exp. 6/2022), Mikaela Randolph (6/2023), and Eric B. Moore (exp. 6/2020)
  8. Board of Retirement - Wayne Moore (exp. 12/2022)
  9. Board of Investments - Onyx Jones (exp. 12/2024)
  10. Building Board of Appeals - Harold C. Williams
  11. Building Rehabilitation Appeals Board - Teresa Lee
  12. Business License Commission - Harry McElroy (exp. 9/2022)
  13. Care First and Community Investment Advisory Committee - April Verrett and Dereck Smith
  14. Carson Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District - Angela Reddock-Wright
  15. Childcare Planning Committee - Jessica Guerra and Patrick McFarlane
  16. Civil Service Commission - Emilia "Mily" Huntley (exp. 4/2026)
  17. Commission for Children and Families - Charity Chandler-Cole (exp. 7/2022), Zaid Gayle (exp. 7/2022), and Franco Vega (exp. 7/2022)
  18. Commission for Public Social Services - Hon. Summer McBride, Booker Pearson, Dynasty Taylor (exp. 6/2023)
  19. Commission for Women - Karriann Farrell Hinds (exp. 8/2022), Dr. Yolanda Gorman (exp. 8/2022) and Dr. Regina Smith (exp. 8/2023)
  20. Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs - Johng Ho Song (exp. 1/2023) Tonya McKenzie (exp. 1/2023), Bruce Boardman (exp. 1/2023) and Dean Nakanishi (exp. 1/2024)
  21. Commission on Human Relations - Helen Chin (exp. 2/2024), Derric J. Johnson (exp. 2/2025) and Azusena Favela (exp. 2/2025) 
  22. Commission on HIV: Danielle Campbell (exp. 7/2023)
  23. Community Prevention and Population Health Task Force -  Naomi Iwasaki (exp. 5/2024) and Chad Monk (exp. 5/2024), Corilee Racela (exp. 5/2024)
  24. Compton Creek Mosquito Abatement District - Hon. Micah Ali (exp. 1/2020), Margaret D. Comer (exp. 1/2009), and Hon. Janna E. Zurita (exp. 1/2020)
  25. Consumer Affairs Advisory Commission - Ronnie Jayne (exp. 11/2022), and Carlos Collard (exp. 11/2023)
  26. Digital Divide Cabinet - Dr. Angela James
  27. Emergency Medical Services Commission - James Lott (exp. 11/2023)
  28. Engineering Geology and Soils Review and Appeals Board - James Rowlands (exp. 4/2020)
  29. Fish and Wildlife Commission - Lee Wax (exp. 4/2021)
  30. Gender Responsive Advisory Committee - Ingrid Archie and Eunisses Hernandez
  31. Hospitals and Health Care Delivery Commission - William N. Guy McCloud (exp. 10/2024), Dr. Monica Soni (exp. 10/2022), and Dr. Michael Cousineau (10/2023)
  32. Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee Proposition E Special Tax - Jose A. Gomez (exp. 7/2015)
  33. Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council - Patricia Soung (exp. 9/2022)
  34. Library Commission - Nancy Anderson Kuechle (exp. 4/2019) and Revé Gipson (exp. 4/2020)
  35. Los Angeles City-County Native American Indian Commission - Cheri Lee Thomas (exp. 10/2023)
  36. Los Angeles County Arts Commission - Pamela Bright-Moon (exp. 4/2024), Patrisse Cullors (exp. 4/2023) and Randi Tahara (exp. 4/2025)
  37. Los Angeles County Beach Commission - Sharon Musa (exp. 5/2026), Damon K. Nagami (exp. 5/2026), and Angela Mooney D'Arcy (exp. 5.2026)
  38. Los Angeles County Board of Education - Dr. Stanley Johnson (exp. 6/2024)
  39. Los Angeles County Capital Asset Leasing Corporation - Gregory B. Ames (exp. 2/2020)
  40. Los Angeles County Children and Families First- (aka First 5 L.A.) - Sylvia S. Swilley (Alternate, exp. 12/2020) and Romalis J. Taylor (exp. 12/2020)
  41. Los Angeles County Citizens' Economy and Efficiency Commission - Robert Cole (exp. 9/2021),  Wilma J. Pinder (exp. 9/2021), Katherine McKeon (9/2023), and Jennifer TM Williams (exp. 9/2023)
  42. Los Angeles County Commission for Older Adults - Michael Neely (exp. 7/2024), Ernie Powell (exp. 7/2023), Lavada Theus (exp. 6/2023), and Carlene A. Davis (exp. 7/2024)
  43. Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities - Michael Agyin (exp. 6/2022), Danielle Sheppard (exp. 6/2023) and John B Troost (exp. 6/2023)
  44. Los Angeles County Commission on Insurance - Bob Blake (exp. 12/2018)
  45. Los Angeles County Commission on Local Governmental Services - Buffany N. Hunter and Mark Burman
  46. Los Angeles County Community Action Board - Hon. Barbara Jean Calhoun
  47. Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation - Schenae’ Rourke
  48. Los Angeles County Highway Safety Commission - Wajenda Chambeshi (exp. 5/2022), Yolanda Davis Overstreet (exp. 5/2023), and Margot Rogers-Ocanas (exp. 5/2022)
  49. Los Angeles County Historical Landmarks and Records Commission - Benjamin J Kahle (exp. 6/2020)
  50. Los Angeles County Mental Health Commission - Reba Stevens (exp. 1/2022), Kathleen Austria (exp. 1/2023) and Dr. Jack Barbour (exp. 1/2025)
  51. Los Angeles County Probation Oversight Commission 
  52. Los Angeles County Second District Consolidated Oversight Board - Ronald K. Ikejiri
  53. Los Angeles County Small Business Commission - Will Campbell (exp. 1/2023), Ky Chueon Kim (exp. 5/2023), Angela Gibson Shaw (exp. 1/2020), William Steven Temple (exp. 10/2022), and Mark J. Robertson (exp. 1/2022)
  54. Los Angeles County Veterans' Advisory Commission - Patricia Jackson-Kelley (exp. 4/2021) and Jawana McFadden (exp. 4/2022)
  55. Los Angeles County Youth Commission - Latoya Cooper
  56. Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority - Jacqueline Waggoner (exp. 6/2023)
  57. Measure A: Citizens Oversight Advisory Board - Reginald Johnson (exp. 10/2023)
  58. Measure H Citizens' Oversight Advisory Board - Chancela Al-Mansour (exp. 6/2021) and Amelia Williamson (exp. 6/2025)
  59. Metro Community Advisory Council - Alissa Bernstein, Brian Bowens, Dr. Adonia Lugo, and Oscar Uriel Zarate (no exp)
  60. Metro Westside/Central Service Council - Elizabeth Medrano (exp. 6/2024)
  61. Oil and Gas Strike Team Advisory Panel - Dr. John Fleming
  62. Parks and Recreation Commission - Tamika L. Butler (exp. 1/2023)
  63. Personal Assistance Services Council (PASC) - Lillibeth Navarro (exp. 10/2020) and Rina Cruz (exp. 10/5/2022)
  64. Policy Roundtable for Child Care and Development - Justin Blakely (exp. 4/2023) and Dr. Sharoni D. Little (exp. 4/2021)
  65. Public Health Commission - Crystal Crawford
  66. Public Safety Realignment Team - Bikila Ochoa (exp. 1/2023) and Nicole Brown (alt) (exp. 7/2023)
  67. Quality and Productivity Commission - Nancy G Harris (exp. 1/2023) and Hon. Yasmine-Imani McMorrin (1/2023)
  68. Real Estate Management Commission - Kimberly Freeman (exp. 12/2022)
  69. Regional Planning Commission - David Louie (exp. 12/2020)
  70. Rental Housing Oversight Commission - Odest T Riley, Jr. (exp. 1/2023)
  71. Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission - Jamon Hicks (6/2023)
  72. Small Craft Harbor Commission - Gregory Gorman
  73. Small Craft Harbor Design Control Board - (pending)
  74. Sybil Brand Commission for Institutional Inspections - Ingrid Archie (exp. 6/2024) and Dr. Cheryl Grills (exp. 6/2023)
  75. Water Appeals Board - LaDrena D. Dansby (exp. 10/2021)
  76. Watershed Area Steering Committee - Central Santa Monica Bay - Edgar Campos (exp 6/2023), Wendy Butts (exp. 6/2023) and Caryn Mandelbaum (exp. 6/2023)
  77. West Carson Public Financing Authority - David Louie, Dan Rosenfeld
  78. Workforce Development Board - Jeffery Wallace (exp. 2/2025) and Alex-Handrah Aimé  (exp. 7/2025)