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Who owns our neighborhoods?

Los Angeles rents are on the rise, hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles renters still await rent relief, and now, Southern California home prices have hit a new all time high.

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Guaranteed basic income explained

Breaking the cycle of poverty takes income in Los Angeles County, according to Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell who hosted a virtual community discussion on Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) Aug. 4, which focused on what GBI means for residents in the second supervisorial district, which comprises South Los Angeles and West LA.

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It’s not about hair

State Sen. Holly Mitchell was appalled. Video of New Jersey high school wrestler Andrew Johnson having his dreadlocks chopped off as a condition of competing in a match was spreading around the country.

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Roadmap to a thriving 2nd District in Los Angeles County

Homelessness, housing, health, and mental health. Those are the top budget priorities of concerned community members who live and work in the 2nd District of Los Angeles County and those key community concerns are included in portions of Los Angeles County’s pending fiscal budget, which is expected to be about $36 billion dollars.

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“We are the health care providers, the grocery store workers, the service providers the people who most often are affected by this pandemic,” said Mitchell. “But, we are not getting our proportionate share of the resources. We need more testing, more vaccines because unfortunately we are also the ones most often dying from this disease.”

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