As part of the 2nd District Racial Justice Learning Exchange (RJLE), we are inviting residents of the 2nd District the opportunity to share audio recordings about their lived experience.

The story will be made publicly available through our RJLE initiative with the goal of highlighting the diverse lived and shared experiences of LA County residents to help break down barriers and strengthen our empathy and understanding of each other.

Each story will be an audio recording and will be made available on Mitchell.LACounty.Gov/RacialJustice to allow for anyone in the community to be able to listen to and learn of the stories shared.

Proud Compton Resident

Richland Farms native shares her experiences of growing up in Compton, her pursuit of higher education and her travels abroad.

I have a voice

Compton resident recounts instances in which societal spaces have not been inclusive and his motivation to share his story.

A walk in my shoes

A 33-year resident of the 2nd District shares memories of living in Los Angeles during the 1992 uprising and how the community came together to support one another.

I'm a survivor

A resident of the 2nd District and survivor of domestic violence shares her story of resilience and healing after coming out of a dark place to give strength and hope to other women.

How to share your own story

Step 1

Choose your story

Think about an experience or moment in your life that captures an element of what it’s like to walk in your shoes that you would like to share with others.

Step 2

Record your story

Record your story in a quiet space, this can be done using the recording app on your phone. We are asking that you be mindful of keeping the recording at 7 minutes or as short as you like.

Step 3

Name your story

Too often, we are given labels by others to describe who we are. This is about you defining that for yourself. Share your own label or title for the story you are sharing. A few examples can be: “Student in South LA,” “Teacher from Inglewood,” “Advocate taking care of parents”

Step 4

Upload your story

Please upload your audio file via this form

Step 5

Share your story

You will be provided with a link to listen to your story you shared once it is on our website.

About the 2nd District Racial Justice Learning Exchange

The Second District Racial Justice Learning Exchange is an initiative of the Office of Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell that brings County and community leaders, and Second District residents together to confront biases and inspire meaningful steps towards eliminating racism.