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Rising from the Fires:
Los Angeles 30 Years after 1992

Friday, April 22nd | 1:30pm to 3pm

Supervisor Mitchell will be in dialogue with racial equity leaders to examine the root causes and legacy of the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Uprising, known as Sa-I-Gu in the Korean-American community. Brenda Shockley, City of Los Angeles Chief Equity Officer and John Kim, Executive Director of the Advancement Project California, will discuss the impact of governance and public policy that uses a race equity framework in addressing structural racism.

The panel discussion will also explore the persistence of racism in policing, impunity for that State violence and its role in producing racial conflict, and how these cycles of violence undergird community demands for shifting public budgets to systems of care and economic development, rather than jails and criminalization.

Celebrating Our Future:
About the Evermont Project

Manchester and Vermont
Vermont and Manchester - 1992
Future site of Evermont Project

At the corner of Vermont and Manchester Blvd is the development site of the new Evermont Project.

This corner had been an important commercial staple of life in South Central Los Angeles and was burned to the ground in the rage against the verdict exonerating the officers who were caught on tape brutalizing Rodney King, a Black motorist.

Five years ago, 30 community organizations marched from the corner of Florence and Normandie to this site to highlight that this plot of land, and many others owned by speculators, had been vacant for 25 years after 1992.

Building on the efforts of SD2 communities and their representatives, the County Board of Supervisors voted to use its power of eminent domain, paying market value to the owner in order to free the land for a public good. On the 30th anniversary of 1992, Supervisor Mitchell will help inaugurate a new affordable housing development, new commercial business development, and an innovative school for system-involved youth that will be housed on this land.

Racial Justice Learning Exchange:
Continuing the Work

As part of the Racial Justice Learning Exchange’s goal to increase literacy on racism and racial justice, we will explore how the persistence of structural racism in public budgeting and across systems and institutions, can be overcome with strong racial equity leadership.

In the spirit of celebrating and elevating SD2’s role in modeling how community power building can help us rise from racial injustice, this event also honors 30 years of rebirth, organizing, and anti-racism social justice work in our city!

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Seating is limited, please complete the form below to RSVP today. Prior to the panel, there will be community food vendors, music, and celebration from 12pm to 1:30pm.

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