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*Este es un programa piloto que comienza en dos comunidades. El éxito del programa piloto nos permitirá extenderlo a otras comunidades no incorporadas del 2º Distrito.

The Office of Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell is launching its first participatory budget pilot program in the 2nd District, allocating a total of $1 million dollars to the Florence-Firestone and Ladera Heights communities.

What is a Participatory Budget?

Participatory budgeting or PB is a democratic and inclusive process that invites community members to directly influence and decide how a public budget will be allocated. PB is an approach to public engagement that puts real decision-making power over real money directly into the hands of residents. With community leadership and engaging outreach events, PB offers community members the opportunity to determine how to spend County budget dollars to create changes that they want to see in their neighborhood.

Participatory Budget Steps

Designing Process

An advisory committee will be formed, which will include representatives from the community and relevant stakeholders to develop the plan for implementation.

Idea Collection

Residents and relevant stakeholders will be invited to submit ideas for how to use the funds in their community.

Voting and Selection

Residents will vote on which projects they believe should receive funding. 


The projects that receive the highest number of votes will be funded and carried out by the Office of Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell.

Monitoring and Reporting

Progress and outcomes of the selected projects will be monitored and reported to the community, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Apply to Join the 2nd District Participatory Budget Advisory Committee

We're seeking community members from the Ladera Heights & Florence-Firestone community to join the 11-member Participatory Budget Advisory Committee. All are welcomed to apply, youth (ages 16-22) and older adults (ages 55+) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Participatory Budget Advisory Committee members will receive a stipend, regardless of immigration status, for their work and aim to ensure equitable representation for communities facing civic engagement barriers, such as Black, Indigenous, People of Color, immigrants, refugees, youth, and persons with disabilities.

Apply between Nov. 20 to Dec. 20

Must live in Florence-Firestone or Ladera Heights

Advisory Committee members will be paid a stipend regardless of immigration status

Must be able to meet virtually or in-person once a week for 8 weeks from Jan - Feb, and then monthly thereafter until Dec 2024

Advisory Committee Tentative Timeline

November 20th

Advisory Committee Application Opens

December 20th

Advisory Committee Application Closes

Dec. 20th – 25th

Advisory Committee Selection


Advisory Committee Onboarding

*Tentative timeline, please check back for updates

Time Commitment

Preferred Qualifications


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Gracias a nuestros colaboradores


All of your responses are kept confidential and private. None of your responses will be publicized. Your application questions will be reviewed by a panel including participatory budget consultants and SD2 staff. The demographic data will only be reviewed by the final selection panel to ensure proper representation of the communities and will not have an impact on the scoring of your application. As a whole, no identifiable data will be released.