SD2 - A National Innovation Hub for Community Solutions to Dismantle Racism

SD2 - A National Innovation Hub for Community Solutions to Dismantle Racism

Celebrating, Elevating, and Facilitating Racial Justice Leadership in the Second District

Founded in February 2022, the Second District Racial Justice Learning Exchange (RJLE) is an initiative of the Office of Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell that brings district residents, County, civic and community leaders together to learn from and celebrate our diversity, confront biases and inspire meaningful steps to eliminate structural racism.

Book Club

We host a quarterly book club to understand the history of racism - and the struggle to overcome it - in LA County, California, and our country.

Stories from the 2nd District

As part of the 2nd District Racial Justice Learning Exchange (RJLE), we are inviting residents of the 2nd District the opportunity to share audio recordings about their lived experience.

Get Involved

Join our monthly community events and learning discussions with County, civic, community leaders, residents, and issue experts that live and serve communities of the Second District.

Los Angeles County’s Second District is home to transformative models for community-building and advancing social justice that spans generations.

This deep wisdom comes from the lived experiences and cultural influence of its diverse communities and its history of standing up to injustice - from Watts in 1965, Florence and Normandie in 1992, to the post George Floyd world we now face - the Second District has created organizations and leaders that have shaped a national blueprint for confronting racism and creating meaningful change.

"Our future is counting on the courage of our actions today. Let us boldly face the challenges before us knowing we have the power to create change.”