Take a look back at our
2nd District Racial Justice Learning Exchange (RJLE) events.

January 2023

Segregated by Design Film Screening & Community Discussion

We kicked off the year with a film screening of Segregated by Design at Cal State University Dominguez Hills.

The film explores the history of unjust housing policies, including redlining, that targeted Black people and communities of color. Mary Lee, former Deputy Director of PolicyLink joined us to share her expertise on the connection of redlining to our current day homelessness crisis, particularly how Black and Latinx communities are disproportionately represented.

Through a Q&A with Supervisor Mitchell and Mary Lee shared examples of how redlining continues to impact financial systems, criminal justice, health, and medical access and more. In small groups we discussed redlining and how we have seen it impact our communities and families.


View the film Segreated by Design – a short film based on the book, The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

February 2023

Community Conversation on the Impact of the Term White Fragility & The Power In Building Allyship

The term white fragility was coined by Robin DiAngelo who authored a book by the same name. This RJLE event took place in partnership with South Bay Community Coalition Against Hate at the Manhattan Beach Library and focused on understanding how the tactics within white fragility bring harm to our communities.


Reverend Zachary Hoover, Executive Director of LA Voice joined us to define white fragility and allyship. Linda D. Wright-Lee, President and CEO, Wright On Time Youth and Family Services, Inc. facilitated a powerful workshop called the Circle of Chairs, where attendees were able to break into small circles to share and learn from each other’s lived experiences.


Pride in Place: Identity, Solidarity, and Community Power in a Changing South Central LA

This event was a panel discussion at The Connect in South LA, focused on community pride, investment, innovation, and social justice in South Central LA. The panel discussion, led by Supervisor Holly Mitchell, included Dr. Manuel Pastor, Director of USC Equity Research Institute, Erin Aubry Kaplan, Writer & Journalist, Jorge Nuño, Community Leader and Entrepreneur.


The panelists discussed the history of South Central LA, its demographic transition, and current day efforts to build community wealth and power in resistance to ongoing structural racism. The event also featured a gallery walk with photos showcasing the history of South Central LA.

April 2023

Interfaith Passover Freedom Seder

In partnership with The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Wende Museum we hosted an Interfaith Passover Freedom Seder that was open to agnostic residents and those of all faiths. Guest speakers included Mayor Karen Bass, Rabbi Noah Farkas, President & CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Rabbi Sarah Hronsky, President, Board of Rabbis of Southern California, Nate Looney, The Jewish Federations of North America Director of Community Safety and Belonging, and Justin Jampol Executive Director and Founder, The Wende Museum.


Together, community members and County leaders explored the universal theme of freedom derived from the story and traditions of Passover. This event also featured self-guided tours of the Wende Museum’s featured exhibit Vietnam in Transition and performances by the Urban Voices Project.

Redressing Racial Injustices and Systemic Harms through Reparations

This event focused on reparations and discussed examples of current and potential future reparations. It also explored how we can bridge the wealth divide. Pay The Tab podcast hosts, Adam Radinsky and Tony Talbert, and Dr. D’Artagnan Scorza, Executive Director of the County’s Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative led a Q&A with attendees.


In smaller groups, attendees engaged in conversations on the long-term impact injustices have on our communities and how we can work together to repair historic harms.


RJLE Youth Book Club

We launched our Youth Book Club at the YMCA Crenshaw with 100 young people from Alliance Kory Hunter Middle School, Brotherhood Crusade, Girl Scout Troop #03695 of Inglewood, and Inglewood Unified School District. Attendees shared reflections on the book, How to be a (Young) Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi and Nic Stone and had the opportunity to live read a section of the book that stood out to them. In smaller groups students discussed dismantling racism and participated in the web of connections activity.


3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebrtation and Resource Fair

We partnered with CicLAvia to bring our 3rd annual Juneteenth Celebration to the streets of South LA. This is our signature RJLE event, that uplifts the impact of Juneteenth and creates a space for redefining what freedom means today.


This event included live performances, food trucks, activities, and access to community and county services. Including, on-site record expungement, mental health services, support with tenant protection and more.


June 2023

RJLE Book Club - How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

We read the original version of How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. Community members joined us in person at the Lennox library and online for our RJLE Book Club featuring the book How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi’s memoir explores the impact racism has on all our lives and the importance of doing the work to reexamine the policies and societal structures we support. Check out the book here.

July 2023

Wade in the Water Film Screening & Community Beach Activities

Our July RJLE event raised awareness on the history of surfing and ways we can create anti-racist spaces on our County beaches. Director, David Mesfin joined us to discuss his film Wade in the Water: A Journey into Black Surfing and Aquatic Culture which explores the overlooked history of Black people in surfing.


Students from Seed LA, Watts Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club, Outward Bound Adventures and community members participated in free surf lessons led by the Black Surfers Collective, Surf Bus Foundation, and SoFly Surf School.


This event featured a resource fair that included Ebony Beach Club, Great Day in the Stoke, Beach Cities Health District, LA County Fire Department Lifeguard Division, LA County Department of Beaches & Harbors, Heal the Bay, Surfrider Foundation and Culture Club South Bay.

September 2023

Art & Resilience in our Unincorporated Communities: A Community Discussion and Art Showcase

We hosted a community discussion and art showcase at Charles R. Drew University in the Watts/Willowbrook community in partnership with the LA County Department of Arts and Culture. The talented artist, Floyd Strickland joined us to discuss his work and the importance of honoring the artistry that is unique to Los Angeles and our diversity. Attendees had the opportunity to visit art stations showcasing photos, murals, and landmarks led by community leaders representing unincorporated LA County, including Artist, Ronek, Juntos Florence-Firestone Together, Lennox Coordinating Council, and Willowbrook Inclusion Network.


The Radical Power of Dance,
United by the Beat

This event focused on the impact of dance took place at the iconic Debbie Allen Dance Academy. During the event, attendees had the opportunity to participate in one of four distinct dance workshops, each offering a unique cultural experience. These workshops included a Native American Dance presented by Red Boy Productions, an African American Dance presented by Phamily Steppers, a Polynesian Dance presented by MAHANA, and a Latin Dance presented by Show Off Dance Company. This event brought us together to explore the diversity of the different cultural dances, understand their significance, and appreciate the healing effects that dance has on our bodies and minds.

Thank you to those who participated in our group video and shared their most memorable experience from the event. You can watch the group video and view photos from the event below.

RJLE Book Club Solito

Our last Book Club discussion of the year featured the book Solito, a memoir following Javier Zamora’s solo journey at the young age of 9 from El Salvador to America. Participants online and in-person engaged in meaningful conversations on immigration and shared their own family stories. It is through tough conversations like these that we are able to confront our own biases and learn from each other.


December 2023

Uniting Communities & Nourishing Souls: Community Discussion on Food Equity and a Live Food Demonstration

n LA County, 1 in 4 people face food insecurity, with a significant spike in 2022 due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Alarmingly, 4 in 10 households experiencing food insecurity in LA County have children. For our final RJLE event of 2023, we united at With Love Market & Cafe to enjoy great food, community and discuss the issue of food insecurity in our communities. Common Threads joined us for a live food demonstration, sharing nutritious recipes with guests. We also handed bags filled with fresh produce and resources for our attendees to recreate the recipes at home. Special thanks to With Love Market & Café for hosting us and providing our community with fresh, healthy, and affordable food options. Thank you, to our partners, Black Women for Wellness LA, Common Threads, Kaiser Permanente and MLK Community Development Corporation who helped make this event possible.


You can recreate the healthy recipes Common Threads demonstrated here: Egusi Soup and Turkey Picadillo Recipe.


"Our future is counting on the courage of our actions today. Let us boldly face the challenges before us knowing we have the power to create change.”